Fantasy(Def Club Mix)

{ 2017-08-16 }

Plastic Love(Night Tempo Remix)
* ڪܪ˪Ī
䪯声ƪ Don't worry!

I'm just playing games, I know that's plastic love
Dance to the plastic beat, another morning comes
{ 2017-08-03 }

Another Chance
* ߪר

{ 2017-07-31 }

Dont care what you say to me, I'ma bite your feelings out
I missed you in the basement
But your brother was a good substitute for you

And if you love me, love me, but you never let me go
When the roof was on fire, you never let me know
Say youre sorry honey, but you never really show
And I could leave the party without ever letting you know
Without ever letting you know
{ 2017-07-31 }

In My Room
* ޫ֪誦ʫ

ʶΪ᪭ ު۪
{ 2017-07-29 }

I Still Believe(Morales Classic Club Mix)
* If there's one spark of hope left in my grasp, I'd hold it with both hands
It's worth the risk of burning to have a second chance.
No, no no no no no, I need you, baby
I still believe that we can be together
If we believe that true love never has to end
Then we must know that we will love again.
I still believe someday you and me will find ourselves in love again.
I had a dream you and me will find ourselves in love agian.
Will find ourselves in love again.
{ 2017-07-23 }

My All(Morales "My Club" Mix)
* Just one more night,
Just one more night
Your body next to mine,
'cause I can't go on.
{ 2017-07-15 }

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